Build Challenge


The theme/challenge of the build changes every week.

Build challenges are announced on the day of the challenge at 7PM EST.

Building starts at 7PM EST.

You will have three (3) hours to complete your build.

You may have a 1 or 2 person team.

Winners announced on Saturday.

Scroll down for full details.

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Build Details
Coming Soon
for Wed Sept 28





Weekly Minecraft Competitions every Wednesday @7:00PM EST starts September 21st. This will be a weekly event where students create a unique design based on the Build Competition prompt using any version of Minecraft. Build with a partner or take the challenge on solo.


Challenge Details

●    Students will have three (3) hours to complete the weekly Minecraft Build challenge 

●    Students may participate in a group of two or individually if they want.

●    Minecraft is a cross platform game so you can compete on PC, Xbox, Play Station, Nintendo Switch or Phone/Tablet.

●    Students will be scored using the Rubric below.


Build Requirements

●    Students should have Minecraft downloaded and have an active account

●    Students may use Minecraft Java, Minecraft Bedrock, or Minecraft Education Edition

●    At the end of three hours, every student should submit screenshots or video snipes of their design with a time stamp

●    Only one submission per team with one team member must submit a screenshot of their Minecraft build before the deadline

●    Late submissions will automatically be disqualified


Age Bracketing

There will be two age brackets running for this build challenge

Bracket 1: Ages 8 -12

Bracket 2: Ages 13 - 18


Tournament Day Schedule

Tournament start and prompt distribution: 7:00 PM EST

Minecraft Build screenshots due: 10:00 PM EST

Winner announcement (Saturday)



Prizing Distribution

For both age groups (Ages 8 – 12 & 13-18)

1st Prize: $100 Minecraft Gift Bundle

2nd Prize: $50 Minecraft Gift Bundle

Scoring Rubric MINECRAFT.png