Minecraft Team Build ChallengE

NOV 25 @ 7PM EST - NOV 27 @ 10PM EST

Group build alert. Stride Esports is inviting you, your friends and family to join us on this Thanksgiving Minecraft Challenge.

FIRST PLACE = $150 Gift Card

SECOND PLACE =  $100 Gift Card

THIRD PLACE = $ 50 Gift Card

Build requirements are announced on NOV 25 at 7PM EST.

You will have three (3) days to complete and submit your build.

Building ends on SUNDAY.

You must submit your build before SUNDAY 10PM EST.

For this build we want you to work with others - your family, friends, etc. make it a group project.

Build Details

22-10 Minecraft-8.png




Challenge Details

●    Participants may participate in a group or individually if they want.

●    Minecraft is a cross-platform game so you can compete on PC, Xbox, Play Station, Nintendo Switch, or Phone/Tablet.

●    Participants will be scored using the Rubric.


Build Requirements

●    Participants should have Minecraft downloaded and have an active account

●    Participants may use Minecraft Java, Minecraft Bedrock, or Minecraft Education Edition

●    At the end of the challenge, every Participant should submit screenshots or video snipes of their design with a time stamp

●    Late submissions will automatically be disqualified