Minecraft FAQs


What are the system's requirements to participate?

Minecraft is a cross-platform game so you can compete on PC, Xbox, Play Station, Nintendo Switch, or Phone/Tablet. Students may use Minecraft Java, Minecraft Bedrock, or Minecraft Education Edition.

What do I need to participate?

Participants should have Minecraft downloaded and have an active account.

How do I find out what this week’s Minecraft challenge is?

Theme information is released at 7 pm EST on the day the event begins. For the full schedule head to the Minecraft Build tab.

When will I find out who won this week’s challenge?

Winners are announced on Wednesdays, timing may vary.

I won! When will I be notified regarding prizing?

Winners are notified the week following the challenge.

How do I submit my challenge entry?

Participants will need to complete the entry form and submit their images or video on the Minecraft Challenge website.

I’m trying to submit it, but it’s not going through – what do I do?

Make sure all the entry fields and checkboxes are complete. Note, the submission button is deactivated once the challenge is complete. If you still have difficulties please email your submission to strideesports@k12.com

Who is able to participate in these challenges?

All Stride Esports events are only available to those residing within the United States of America.