Minecraft Winners - 10/19/22 Challenge

The Theme for Wednesday, October 19: Build an Outdoor Museum

  • Must start with a flat world

  • Must have a ticket booth or place to purchase tickets

  • Must have at least 2 exhibits

  • Must have a sculpture of a famous person that relates to the museum

  • Must have visitors in the museum looking at the exhibit.

Each week participants ages 8-18 compete in our Minecraft Build Challenge. The theme of the build changes each week. Stride Esports is providing a fun way for participants to come together to share their love of Minecraft. Participants ages 8-12 years old are grouped together and those 13-18 years old are a separate group for judging. Participate alone or have a friend join you!

  • Two Prize Brackets - 8-12 yrs old // 13-18 yrs old

  • 1st Prize $100 Minecraft Gift Basket

  • 2nd Prize $50 Minecraft Gift Basket

The next Minecraft Build Challenge is on Wednesday, October 26 at 7 pm ET

Stay tuned for more Dates and Times being added in November for Stride Esports Minecraft Build Challenges!

AGES 8-12

Sadie P.


Evelyn S.


Jhockhim M. S.


AGES 13-18

Emmalee and Jackson


Dylan D.


Ezri D.