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What's Happening This Weekend

Stride Esports has something for everyone this weekend. Try your best and build a masterpiece over the course of 2 days with our Minecraft Build Challenge. The build theme drops at 7 pm EST, Friday, November 18 and you will have until Sunday at 7 pm EST to submit your build! The best part of this challenge is not only the prizes but Stride Esports will feature your work on the Minecraft Page, Social Media Networks, and More! Minecraft build challenge is open to those 8 to 18 years old.

Minecraft Build Challenge: November 18-20 starting at 7pm EST

Competitive Tournaments November 19

Are you looking for a competitive esports tournament this weekend? You are in luck we have released two new game titles to try out this weekend through the Stride Esports Discord. Starting at 2 pm EST on Saturday, November 19 there will be two tournaments to join: Multiversus & Rumbleverse, these are super fun individual games and are completely free to play.

Step 1 Register for Tournaments

Step 2 Join Stride Esports Discord to Compete

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